Playing in the mud

This weekend saw us staying for a mini-break at Lumley Castle in Durham. It was our first sunny day but very cold. So I braved the elements and set off to the castle grounds to paint. I only took my little stool and art bag to it was a bit tricky balancing everything on my lap - especially when I started sliding backwards into the mud and leaves! I knew I would have to work quickly so I did a quick underpainting with my Art Graf blocks on a pre-prepared primed board. Not thinking about how the cold would affect the wet underpainting I ended up dabbing off a lot of the excess water with a tissue (I'll take Vodka next time!) Eventually the cold took over and afternoon tea was calling, so after hour and half I called it a day. I hope to add more to the picture later in the studio - but I quite like the roughness to it so will try not to overwork it.

Lumley Castle Vibrant underpainting
Vibrant underpainting

Lumley Castle
Too cool to carry on...

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