Not a beaver in sight

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

This afternoon we had a trip out to Beaver Dyke Reservoir near Harrogate. After a trek downhill, through a field of cows, we arrived at our destination and settled down for a picnic near some old ruins. It was a pretty chilly grey day so after lunch I quickly set up an outdoor studio with my Strada Easel and a chair.

As it's Autumn, and the trees have turned a burnt orange, I decided to be adventurous today and opted for a bright coloured background to work upon. I had pre-planed this in the studio so had coated a piece of pinky red mounting board with clear acrylic gesso before I set off. The gesso gave it tooth and texture so this meant that I could get straight on with applying soft pastels on top without worrying about an underpainting.

Although I didn't manage to finish the painting outdoors I was quite pleased with how it had turned out. I will finish it off later in the warmth, and try to keep some of the red ground showing through instead of overworking it.

Feeling the chill

Finished for today

The completed picture - Shades of Autumnn

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