Painting a Day

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

So I have now reduced my travel kit even further and created a mini watercolour pochade! I bought an old tin in my local vintage charity shop and made this…

I managed to fit in 8 watercolour pans, a pencil, rubber, folding brush, a water container, water well and a palette. The plastic bag contains ready-cut pieces of watercolour card and bits of kitchen roll - all tied together with an elastic band.

I’ve set myself a challenge and hope to do a little painting every day. It will be quite tricky with my job but I hope to fit it in on my lunch break or wherever I am on an evening or weekend, when taking the pastels would be just too difficult. The good thing is the tin is so small it can travel anywhere with me, in my handbag or even back pocket…

Mini watercolour paintings pochade
My first few mini watercolour paintings

garden shed mini watercolour painting
The Shed

tree mini watercolour painting Kirkstall Park
The Tree

road mini watercolour painting
The Road Home

chimney pot garden feature mini watercolour painting
The Chimney Pot

bench Burley Park mini watercolour painting
The Bench

lamppost mini watercolour painting burley park
The Lamppost

mushroom garden feature mini watercolour painting
The Mushroom

water feature mini watercolour painting
The Water Feature

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