STRADA September 30-Day challenge


This September I have decided to take part in Strada's latest challenge - to paint a picture every day from life. It is a bit tricky finding time to fit it in but I will do my best as I am enjoying challenging myself with a goal in mind.

To make things easier I am sticking to the same format for all of my pictures (15 x 15cm), using the same card (PastelMat) and only using Art Graf blocks for the underpainting, followed by soft pastels and pastel pencils.

Already by Day 4 I can see an improvement in my working method - becoming a little looser with my style and not trying as hard to match colours or make the paintings too detailed.

My method of working


I did it! And what a challenge it was - fitting a painting in every day as well as work and social events - phew 😅 It has been great though, getting me out of my comfort zone and painting new subjects. I have definitely loosened up since day one and am now being more intuitive choosing colours and using different strokes. Hope everyone else enjoyed the challenge.

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