Lisa is a Yorkshire born artist and has lived and worked in the area all her life. After graduating from York College with a diploma in graphic design she then pursued a career in the advertising and print industry, eventually becoming a director at a marketing agency in Leeds.


Lisa has always loved art in its many forms but never seriously took up painting as a hobby until the past few years. 


She is best known for her soft pastel landscape paintings and pet portraits, but is also interested in mixed-media art. More recently she has been experimenting with different approaches to her paintings using a looser and more energetic style.


Fascinated by rolling landscapes and turquoise seas, Lisa never tires of the views and is always on the lookout for her next project. She loves to see the sunlight dancing on water, or filtering through the clouds in contrast to the backdrop of a stormy sky. Lisa is permanently in awe of the beauty of nature and would like to capture that essence in her paintings.


In the future Lisa would like to be able to continue learning, develop as an artist, and spend more of her free time out in the field or wherever the journey takes her, building her confidence so that she can paint outdoors rather than just observing from the photographs that she takes.

Lisa Pickard Fine Art